Ganoub Studio Sign With Naqada Music

Ganoub Studio Sign With Naqada Music

Ganoub Studio announces news of a deal with Naqada Music Management.

With Ganoub Studio having been founded in 1998 by Hefny brothers (Amr and Tarek) as a rehearsal studio, the now recording studio situated in Egypt became the first project studio three years later.

The initial ideas of Ganoub Studio were to concentrate on the independent music scene in the Middle East. Since its early foundations, Ganoub Studio has become one of Cairo’s premier studios with full professional music recording and production services that has seen artists from all around the world record there.

With the new deal in place with Naqada Music Management, Ganoub Studio is now offering more services for recording artists with three ideal rooms for rehearsals, recording, mixing, mastering, post production, voice-over, music production and song writing. Furthermore, the studio also offers music courses such as music production (using ProTools and Abelton), sound design, and training in vocal and singing and instruments such as guitar and drums.

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