Holiday Compilation From Fetal Records

Holiday Compilation From Fetal Records

Getting in the seasonal mood is Fetal Records with their new album release, ‘A Colourful Christmas’.

The album release is made up of a number of artists coming from different musical backgrounds who perform a selection of originals and covers that complement the winter season and this festive time of year. So expect to hear the likes of internationally known bluesman Charlie Sayles as well as other artists ranging from Tony Fazio, Scott Taylor, Richard Schletty, Greg Phillips, Subsidiarity, Law & Order, Ken Wenzel, and Jane Kraemer.

To provide a taste of this themed seasonal release, Famous Last Words (FLW) is particularly enamoured with Scott Taylor’s soulful blues track ‘Christmas Spirit’ that also features Tony Fazio on guitar.

Considering the wide variety of genres included here, there is definitely something for everyone with the compilation album ‘A Colourful Christmas’ available via Fetal Records.

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