Jonas Fjeld Interview

Western Harmonies

‘Western Harmonies’ was one of the best albums of 2013 that really had the Famous Last Words (FLW) office rockin’ with delight. The album is so good, in fact, that it was bestowed the position of second place during the end of year album poll of Top 20 Albums at FLW.

Such is our love for ‘Western Harmonies’ that there was never any doubt regarding the possibility of an interview with Jonas Fjeld because we simply had to get an interview with the great man for these pages.

Thankfully, Jonas Fjeld agreed to speak with FLW and what a fabulous discussion, in our opinion, it turned out to be as Jonas reflected on his career to date and his passion for bluegrass music.

Hopefully you will feel the same way and enjoy reading this latest interview with Jonas Fjeld at Famous Last Words (FLW) because he not only is a major talent but also a very nice guy as well! Thanks Jonas for the interview, it was a blast! FLW

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