Mark Lamarr interview

Mark Lamarr opens up to FLW about his love of music and his vinyl collection

It was one of our proudest moments when Mark Lamarr agreed to an interview with Famous Last Words (FLW). Having agreed to a chat with FLW regarding his love of music and obsession for collecting vinyl records, Mark Lamarr proved to be an insightful interviewee as he discussed his first introduction to music and his broadcasting career.

Mark Lamarr (61)

Famous Last Words remains hopeful that Mr Lamarr will make a return to radio broadcasting as his former two shows – Shake, Rattle and Roll and God’s Jukebox are sorely missed. In the meantime, please head to our One Cup of Coffee section to read Mark’s interview as it was a truly memorable day for FLW.

In addition to our One Cup of Coffee interview with Mark Lamarr, there is more of Mark’s thoughts concerning music and associated obsessions in the Fame At Last section of FLW.

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