Menore Promote New Music Video

Menore Promote New Music Video

From Finland comes Menore and their brand new music video bearing the song title ‘Until We Die’.

The music video single is Menore’s debut and one they describe as “a bitter and twisted tale of a love story gone wrong. A lot of anger, hatred and agony, caused by betrayal.”

With the band based in Kouvola, Finland, and consisting of members Miikka Viantie (vocals), Mikko Raunio (guitar), Pasi Kakko (guitar), Joona Rinne (bass) and Matti Kukkasjärvi (drums), the debut single, ‘Until We Die’, should see the five piece win over many new admirers of their raw hard rock sound.

The track ‘Until We Die’ is available as a digital single.

Check out the band’s music video ‘Until We Die’ at Famous Last Words (FLW)

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