New Album From KROBAK

New Album From KROBAK

A new album from post-rock band KROBAK is issued today! The brand new long player titled ‘Nightbound’ consists of four tracks and finds the band building on their reputation for impressive soundscapes that have been known to draw comparisons with Swans, The Mars Volta, Mono and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

With KROBAK hailing from the Ukraine, ‘Nightbound’ is their third official release after previous albums ‘The Diary Of The Missed One’ (2008) and ‘Little Victories’ (2013)

Released today, ‘Nightbound’ is given further insight by KROBAK’S founder and guitarist Igor Sydorenko: “Nightbound” is definitely our most mature and challenging work to date. And by saying “our” I mean exactly that: this is also the first Krobak record where everything is not written solely by me. I’d got fed up with the whole one-man-band routine back in 2009, so bringing Krobak as a full band in 2012 meant a lot to me. Having Asya (bass), Natasha (drums) and Marko (violin) taking part in the writing process made the whole experience pretty different but more enjoyable. 2013’s “Little Victories” was good but there are some predictable post-rock clichés we were trying to avoid while working on “Nightbound”. I would say it’s way more diverse and recognizable, even though we’re still influenced by other musicians obviously… but this time around it’s rather Swans, King Crimson or The Mars Volta than Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mono and Yndi Halda.”

The album ‘Nightbound’ is available now via Bandcamp.

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