New interview added to FLW

Time to let go of the fear

Hampshire’s Northpaw provided a very interesting interview when Famous Last Words Records (FLW) popped in to one of their locals. Not only are the band blessed with much inventiveness but also a hard work ethic that will no doubt come in use when the majors come calling and the road to fame and fortune begins. In the meantime, Northpaw’s debut EP ‘Trepidation’ is something of true greatness and will be a difficult beast to overcome when the band embark on new and future recordings. In fact, ‘Trepidation’ has received so much play in the FLW office, not to mention the poor car stereo, that we might be posting a message to the band for a new copy as this one is clearly wearing out!

Head to FLWs’ Interviews section to read all things Northpaw and make sure you pick up a copy of ‘Trepidation’ as you will not be disappointed!

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