New Interview & New Kings Of Outer Space At FLW

New Interview & New Kings Of Outer Space At FLW

The wait was worth it when trying to secure an interview with The Kings of Outer Space.

With the band having decided to disband not too long ago, and then swiftly making a U-turn via lead singer and only remaining member Giggsy to reignite the Kings of Outer Space, the decision was definitely the right one. FLW says the right decision because the new line-up ended up producing a comeback album of great quality that was packed with the usual humour, but also catchy songs and intriguing lyrics that have become firm staples of The Kings of Outer Space.

Watch this space as the band look set once more for great things with new material to be recorded at a later date, as well as the band enjoying their present momentum with latest album ‘Space Invaders’.

Head to our interviews section to read all about this exciting band and why The Kings of Outer Space decided to continue their musical journey.

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