New Single For David Versis

New Single For David Versis

Independent artist David Versis is currently touting his brand new single ‘Made For Me’.

The new song offers an insight into the personal thoughts of Versis when it comes to relationships and finding the perfect partner. Moreover, the single ‘Made For Me’, in Versis’ own words, is “…a blatant appreciation for a woman’s perfection.”

Musically, the single ‘Made For Me’ is designed to reflect the lyrical emotions via its different tempos in a manner that is intentional and fresh as explained by Versis himself:  “My collaborator Mikhail and I wanted to mix down tempo ‘trap’ percussion in the verses, and a more upbeat classic hip-hop swing in the chorus.”

With Billboard magazine promoting the single ‘Made For Me’, the Canadian artist David Versis is beginning to make a serious name for himself.

Check out the single ‘Made For Me’ via the following Soundcloud link:

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