One Cup Of Coffee & New Interview

One Cup Of Coffee & New Interview

There is a new interview available to read at Famous Last Words (FLW).

Taking a cup of coffee with alternative-rock band DAMOKLES, Famous Last Words (FLW) decided to make a return trip to Norwegian shores (albeit socially distanced) to investigate the band’s forthcoming new single ‘Miniature Gardens’.

Reasons for the return visit was down to impressive sounds coming from the upcoming new single, and for producing a rather fine video to accompany the song. It’s not often that such a decision is carried out by this music publication so soon after our previous interview with Damokles earlier this year, but considering the epic and addictive qualities of ‘Miniature Gardens’, the temptations proved irresistible and therefore warranted further investigation.

One Cup of Coffee is where you will find FLWs’ discussion with Damokles and their new single ‘Miniature Gardens’.

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