Riding The Mississippi Queen

Riding The Mississippi Queen

There’s a new interview hot off the press at Famous Last Words (FLW) today!

Croatian rockabilly band Mississippi Queen is the latest band to feature in these very pages. Lead singer and guitarist, as well as one of the original survivors of this longstanding rockabilly four piece, Karlo Starčević, took the time to talk about the band’s current album ‘Oh Yeah!’

It’s an album blessed mainly with original songs, and shows a band clearly in their element as they skilfully weave songs of love and broken dreams set to an authentic rockabilly beat. In fact, ‘Oh Yeah!’ has been rotating on the FLW player for a considerable length of time, so much so that we may end up asking the band for another copy as this one’s nearly worn out!

For those who love their rockabilly to mainly consist of original material not to mention authentic and wild, then Mississippi Queen might be the ticket you’re looking for.

Read the latest interview with Mississippi Queen under the heading ‘A Step Back In Time’ to discover more about this talented band: http://famouslastwordsrecords.com/interviews/a-step-back-in-time/

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