Solo Album Planned For Sharon den Adel

Solo Album Planned For Sharon den Adel

Singer and member of rock band Within Temptation, Sharon den Adel (aka My Indigo) is ready with a brand new album under her own name. The debut solo album contains ten songs and is scheduled for release next year.

The album is a result of a two year break from her main band, Within temptation, and a chance to move away from the limelight in order to formulate her own ideas and creative recordings for the upcoming solo album release.

This is what Sharon den Adel had to say about the whole experience of working alone on the new solo project:

“My Indigo is my blues; my feelings and emotions. Not only negative, but also positive emotions and feelings, but negative feelings often have more impact”.

Despite the forthcoming solo album release from Sharon den Adel, the solo project will not see the end of Within Temptation as the vocalist has already begun work on a new long player with the rock band, which is also set for release in 2018.

With a single from the album also called ‘My Indigo’ receiving its release in November, the new solo album promises much and will be released 20th April 2018.

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