Two Years Basement For Vicky Speedboat

Two Years Basement For Vicky Speedboat

The duo that is Vicky Speedboat sees their six-track EP ‘Two Years No Basement’ released via their Bandcamp

This new project was set up between Sean Huber (Modern Baseball) and Will Lindsay of W.C. Lindsay after many hours of discussion, and finding inspiration after travelling through several foreign countries, and meeting countless strangers along the way that the duo decided it was time to set the creative wheels in motion.

The result is ‘Two Years No Basement’; a mixture of melodic and raw indie punk rock with vocals being shared between the two central musicians of Huber and Lindsay.

Recorded in 2015 at Kennedy Studios in Burlington, MA, by Steve Aliperta and Chris LaRoque (The Colour and Sound), ‘Two Years No Basement’ is an impressive start, and definitely worth further investigation.

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