Us And Us Only Release New Album

Us And Us Only Release New Album

Having formed as a trio in Baltimore back in 2009 with nearly a handful of self-released EPs to their name, and where sounds varied between acoustic arrangements and distorted ideas of indie rock with vocals that were cut and sampled, the band Us and Us Only reach the stage of their first full album.

‘Full Flower’ is the debut album by Us and Us Only and is released by Topshelf Records. The album promises to encapsulate all of the previous elements mentioned above regarding the band’s sound yet by means of filtering where Us and Us Only maintain their sonic explorations but squeezed into tighter frameworks. As their current bio’ says: “Full Flower is a rock album viewed through the morning haze of half-open eyes,” which sums up the entire contents rather appropriately.

Check out the video to the album’s title track Full Flower here at FLW

The album Full Flower is out now via Topshelf Records and comes in the following formats: Vinyl (100 Gold, 150 Clear, 250 White w/ Blue Splatter), CD and Digital.


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