Video Premiere For Benjamin Finger @ FLW

Video Premiere For Benjamin Finger @ FLW

Benjamin Finger - Photo by Asbj+©rn Nilsen

Benjamin Finger continues with his creative input via latest album ’10’ on Sellout! Music.

In order to promote this latest record from one of Norway’s most prolific musicians, DJs and producers, Benjamin Finger lets the track ‘Geek The Freak’ straight out of the creative sack with a video premiere at Famous Last Words (FLW).

With the accompanying video to ‘Geek The Freak’ being directed by Benjamin Finger by means of old super 8 reels, and with the track itself receiving a remix by Clark Nova, Benjamin Finger ups the tempo somewhat with a more straight dance/techno influenced record compared to previous, and more recent works that relied heavily on atmospherics of sound.

Watch the video to ‘Geek The Freak’ here at Famous Last Words (FLW)

Expect further promotional pushes via the creative fingers of Mr Benjamin Finger and his new album ’10’ during the coming months. In the meantime, let ‘Geek The Freak’ consume your senses and take control of your dancing limbs as it’s a record to brighten the winter months without a doubt.

‘Geek The Freak’ is taken from the album “10” out on Sellout! Music and available on vinyl and all digital formats.

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